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Electricity Course - Commercial and Residential

Program objective:
The goal of this initial training program is to prepare students for employment in the electrical field and begin the great journey of learning and knowledge that it requires. The program prepares the student with the skills to begin future work toward an eventual electrician license. Whether it's planning, installation, or troubleshooting, you'll have the ability to help your team overcome the daily challenges of work.

Program description:

This program gives you the training you need to begin working as an entry-level assistant in the residential electrical field. Your future starts here. Our curriculum teaches you how to install, repair, and troubleshoot the most common connections, fixtures, wiring, and electrical equipment. Contains basic principles of occupational safety, blueprint reading, common industry tools, essential electrical theory and application, common electrical wiring techniques, etc. It also prepares the student with an introductory knowledge of basic electrical codes and industry standards. Upon graduation from our program, the student should know that their employment will be limited to working as an apprentice assistant under the guidance of a master electrician who will help them grow and learn on their way to reaching the next level of their career: journeyman. . License. Proof of this license requires several more years of work experience to qualify and achieve.


Total cost of the Course: $4800, but we give you the facility to pay it weekly, which would be $120 per week.

Credential obtained: Diploma
Program duration: 40 weeks – 304 hours – 2 sessions/weeks
Books: The cost of books is included in the Tuition.

Practice Materials: The cost of raw materials for practices is included in the registration.
Graduation: The cost of cap and gown rental and ceremony is included in tuition.

Entry requirements or prerequisites

IPT requires all students to be 18 years or older to begin a technical training program. They must be safety-oriented and able to follow explicit instructions in a hazardous industrial work environment. IPT strongly recommends a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent (GED) when our students begin their programs, but it is not a requirement. We expect all of our students, regardless of prior educational experience, to be able to read, write, solve, and problem-solve.


Exams will always take place during the scheduled class day and time as designated in the class outline provided by the instructor. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the instructor. All in-person exams are subject to this policy.

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