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Learn a trade and start generating income

We are a leading training institute in Tampa Bay.

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Who are we?

The Tampa Polytechnic Institute arises due to the need, in the Hispanic community, for an institution that trains professionals in technical education, with fast, economical, uncomplicated careers and that allows its graduates the ease in searching for technical jobs for a better future

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Achieve your goals with the Tampa Polytechnic Institute


of those who were looking to start their own business.


of our graduates say they have increased their income or gotten a promotion.


of our students have improved their quality of life.

Classes in Spanish

Classes are entirely in Spanish and payments are made in easy weekly installments. You do not need a high school diploma. All courses have lifelong technical advice, to help the technician develop experience in the field of work. In addition to free continuing education.

Courses We Teach

The courses we teach are Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning and Residential and Commercial Electricity. Our courses are designed to train students of all levels of experience and are accessible to everyone. Our Air Graduates will be trained to repair, maintain and install both Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning units. Our Electrical graduates will be trained to repair, perform, and design Residential and Commercial electrical installations.

Opening roads

With the knowledge acquired in our technical training, you will be ready to offer your services in: buildings, apartment complexes, health centers and restaurants, among many other possibilities.


We have a highly trained teaching staff,
committed to providing you with all possible support to achieve your goals in the technical area of your preference.


Noel Avila

Air Conditioning Advisor


John Valenzuela

Electricity Advisor

I am very happy with the establishment! It is one of the best institutes I have had the opportunity to attend. My goal is to increase my knowledge in the area of air conditioning, and so far the professors have provided an excellent introduction to the specialties, in addition to having exceptional treatment with all students. I am excited to continue learning and developing here. I hope to make the most of this educational experience!

Jorge Paredes


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