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Air Conditioning Course - Commercial and Residential

Program objective:
The goal of this initial training program is to prepare students for employment in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Graduates of this program will be ready to help their team with a basic understanding of the most essential aspects of the profession. The curriculum contains elements of management, finance, planning, production and technical knowledge and also the basic principles of environmental conservation, hazard minimization, health and professional ethics, etc.

Program description:

This program was designed to train and develop competent and employable individuals for the HVAC industry. It contains the most essential and relevant knowledge that employers need in their new employees. Content includes: basic HVAC maintenance, unit testing, troubleshooting, basic field repairs, workplace safety, common industry tools, electrical basics, introduction to refrigeration theory, refrigeration cycle, basic concepts of thermodynamics, theory of change of state, etc. Included in the program tuition is a test for EPA 608 and EPA R-410A certification administered on our campus. After passing the tests, the student can work as an assistant to assist certified technicians. They can complete repairs on existing machines, but they cannot obtain permits or perform new installations like general contractors. Without these additional certifications, the graduate is limited to entry-level employment working for a refrigeration company or under the direction of a general contractor. However, the student will obtain EPA certifications before graduating and will be able to work in any job that requires working with refrigerants. The certificate we provide is issued by the ESCO Institute®.

Total cost of the Course: $4800, but we give you the facility to pay it weekly, which would be $120 per week.

Credential obtained: Diploma
Program duration: 40 weeks – 312 hours – 2 sessions/weeks
Books: The cost of books is included in the Tuition.
Practice Materials: The cost of raw materials for practices is included in the registration.
Graduation: The cost of tog rental
a and cap and ceremony is included in the registration.

Entry requirements or prerequisites

IPT requires all students to be 18 years or older to begin a technical training program. They must be safety-oriented and able to follow explicit instructions in a hazardous industrial work environment. IPT strongly recommends a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent (GED) when our students begin their programs, but it is not a requirement. We expect all of our students, regardless of prior educational experience, to be able to read, write, solve, and problem-solve.

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